Tube Light to air purifying with LED, no UV

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    Purifying the air in your office so easy!


    • Type:Photocatalyst
    • visible light photocatalyst:photochemical reaction activated by visible light to purifying air

    Key Features

    Indoor lighting with energy saving
    special cut blue light coating to protect eyes
    activated the special nano coating to kill bacteria, eliminate VOC
    Normal visible wavelength, no UV
    1. LED energy-saving lighting
    2. Special filter material isolates LED blue light and protects eyes
    3. Special coating coating can be sterilized by light wave, formaldehyde removal (VOC) purification air
    4. Market general UV germicidal lamps need to have independent lamps, and it is dangerous to emit UV light.
    5. The company's healthy LED lighting combines energy saving, eye protection, sterilization and formaldehyde removal (VOC) four-in-one function, which is unique to the market.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:100 Piece(s)

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