Air Purifying Light - bulb

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    Purifying the air in your home so easy!


    • Type:Photocatalyst
    • visible light photocatalyst:photochemical reaction activated by visible light to purifying air

    Key Features

    Indoor lighting with energy saving
    special cut blue light coating to protect eyes
    activated the special nano coating to kill bacteria, eliminate VOC
    Normal visible wavelength, no UV
    1. LED節能照明
    2. 特殊濾光材料隔絕LED藍光,保護眼睛
    3. 特殊鍍膜塗層經光波激發可殺菌、除甲醛(VOC)淨化空氣
    4. 市場一般UV殺菌燈需有獨立燈具,而且發出UV光具危險性
    5. 本公司健康LED照明結合節能、護眼、殺菌及除甲醛(VOC)四合一功能,為市場所獨有

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    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:100 Piece(s)

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